Providing Art Files



Vector Art - Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, or PDF. Convert all fonts to outlines or curves.

Photoshop Files - Original layered .PSD or .PSB files. Flattened and .TIF files may also accepted, but can not be altered by our art department. Can be in CMYK or RGB format. Size and resolution settings for projects up to 10' x 24' in size should be 720 dpi at 10% (1/10th scale), or 72 dpi at 100% (Full scale). Projects larger than this should be 500 dpi at 10% (1/10th scale), or 50 dpi at 100% (Full scale)​

Art Bleed - Bleed varies by project. Contact us for project specific information. Some basic info...

Vehicle wraps: Generally need at least 6" - 8" of bleed on all sides beyond the edges of the vehicle or template.

Banners: No bleed needed. Create art to exact size.

Logos - Most projects require the use of a vector based logo. If you do not have your logo in this format, we can recreate it for you for a fee.​

Color Match - If your project requires specific colors (such as a Pantone color), we must know up front and we will do our best to match your specific colors. Although, due to limitations in the printing process, we can not guarantee an exact match. Paint codes are not acceptable, as they do not apply to our industry. Color match can be done for an additional fee.

We Can NOT Use or Accept - The following file types do not work and are not acceptable for projects: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Adobe InDesign, or any vector based program besides Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Questions - If you have questions about your artwork or submitting art, please contact us.


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